Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) releases its “State of the Company” Letter

I want to start by thanking all of our Shareholders for their patience through all the highs and lows of the last year. The acquisition of Utopya as a wholly owned subsidiary of Andiamo drove the company in a new and exciting direction, with many things said and promised but with only a few delivered on. However, we are very excited and optimistic about our present Business Plan and our growth for the coming year, and while we may add revenues through other acquisitions and partnerships, Andiamo’s core business will be in the telecommunications industry, just as was planned when Utopya first came on board. In this statement, I have tried to lay out a general overview for 2019, answer some questions you have been asking, and clarify the direction we will be going.

First off, on a personal note, I want to make you, the shareholders, aware that my return is not for personal reasons or to try to gain quick wealth. I left ANDI with a clean slate and in capable hands. I am only returning because I always recognized Andiamo’s great potential, and when I saw it having troubles, I did what I could to buy the controlling interest back and am now here to right the ship. To accomplish this, I intend to kick off the new year with a more aggressive style of management that will feature additional Acquisitions, Partnerships and Joint Ventures. As anyone who follows us has seen we are already in the initial stages of this plan with a new Partnership and Acquisition, both of which will bear fruit and add to the Company’s success.

Secondly, while it was the policy and style of the past management to engage in direct emails, text messages, phone calls and debates with blog posters, it is not what I will be doing. I feel this type of communication is dangerous in there are many people out there who will manipulate and even sometimes “extrapolate hidden meanings” from these types of communications, which end up getting posted on non-company run websites, social media and blogs. We will be communicating only through news releases, our Twitter site, our direct to email newsletter and our company website, which will be relaunching soon. As we grow, we may expand this to other types of company-run social media such as blogs, but for now we will stick with the basics and present everything to everyone at once. As a cost control measure, at least for the time being, we will not be disseminating press releases via the wire services, but instead we will continue to use our OTC Markets page, Twitter and newsletter to communicate with the public and our shareholders.

Regarding what seems to be the biggest question everyone has – Will Utopya still be part of Andiamo moving forward? – I can unequivocally say YES, as a subsidiary of Andiamo, Utopya will be providing us with smartphones and mobile technology as we progress. And this isn’t just based upon wishful thinking on my part. It is based upon several long discussions between Ian Brewster, CEO and Founder of Utopya, and me. We both have the common goal of bringing state-of-the-art mobile technology to the world, and I look forward to working with him, his co-founders, and his team on this vision. As we solidify and flesh out the details of how we will accomplish this, you will all be updated through future news releases and company-run social media outlets. “The Utopya team is very excited about the remarkable opportunities ahead. We are expecting amazing things on the horizon”, stated Ian Brewster, CEO of Utopya.

As a further commitment to the smartphone and mobile technology market, we signed the Partnership with MTAC Branding & Solutions with an eye towards the specialty and licensed markets. And while revenues from this partnership may not be immediate, we feel this is a burgeoning market, and MTAC has received interest from many of its contacts to develop signature smartphones for them in the near future. This coupled with the exposure MTAC can bring to ANDI and its products, should be a long-term win-win for both the Company’s bottom line and its overall media exposure.

To support them, and other sales and marketing companies I am talking to in the hopes of expanding our external sales force, my goal is to have a price point diversified smartphone offering, which can be either purchased directly from Andiamo as-is or customized to fit a customer’s brand image. I believe with the strength of Utopya in the delivering of great smartphone and mobile technology, we can accomplish the initial stages of choosing those products by the end of Q2 2019, which for us is January 31st. My vision is to be able to offer our customers unlocked smartphones, with quality construction and features at a fair price, and then when the time is right, expanding that line up with both additional smartphones and other globally sourced mobile technology devices and accessories. While this isn’t something we will accomplish overnight, I do believe it is a very attainable goal, especially with the diverse group of sourcing, sales, marketing and distribution talent ANDI is already surrounded by and which will also be ever expanding.

Our first acquisition, Sustainable Water Solutions Inc. (SWS), is an all preferred stock, non-dilutable deal. SWS currently has two letters of intent in place which could lead to annual revenues approaching $8 million dollars. The goal is to have both LOI’s converted into Stock Purchase Agreements by the end of the year. The first agreement is being diligently worked on by Don Keer, CEO of SWS, with hopes to have it finalized in the next two weeks. Once both agreements are completed, SWS will begin its “road show” in order to secure the direct funding for acquisitions that Mr. Keer has brought with him, with plans to make their first meetings in January 2019. Our goal is, as this funding becomes available to SWS, that more acquisitions within their industry will open up and allow them to expand their revenue and market share, with an eye towards moving them beyond the OTC marketplace. While this new acquisition does at first glance seem a little out of the ordinary for Andiamo, it is a growing environmental and green market company. The “green industry” is something I have personally been involved in for almost ten years now, having launched my own line of green cleaning products, which  are still on the market today, and also helping develop a hydrogen producing unit which I still hope to bring to market in the future.

I am also working diligently behind the scenes to get Andiamo back to Current Pink status on OTC Markets. There were a couple of issues with the Q2 and Q3 filings for 2018 which I am researching and addressing, and unfortunately until those are done, I can’t finalize and file the FYE 2018 statement. My goal is to have everything corrected, filed and Current status back by the week of December 3rd. As part of the cleanup, since Mr. Keer has accepted his new role with SWS, we will be seeking new SEC counsel to write our Current Status Opinion Letter which must be posted with each FYE Statement on OTC Markets.

We will also be revamping and relaunching our website soon. Until then we will keep in contact via Twitter @AndiamoCorp, and you can opt in for our Company Newsletter and receive the latest ANDI updates direct to your email. Sign-up by clicking this link:

Beyond that, my goal has always been to bring in the right company(s) to Andiamo with the revenues and solid core businesses to drive the Company up to a higher level. And while right now that goal seems a long way off, we will keep pursuing it on a daily basis, with the hopes of hitting the right formula with the right companies at the right time, to make that move a reality. To that end, we will be seeking to engage an auditor sometime in 2019 to become a fully reporting pink, the first step of many towards attaining higher market acceptance.

I am also open to anyone bringing us additional partnerships which will help us achieve our goal of becoming a smartphone and mobile technology powerhouse. We are always open to working with legitimate industry companies with proven track records and would gladly accept proposals or sales inquiries from them. I feel a strong external sales force is the key to accelerated success in our core industry, and any suggestions that would help us grow that aspect of the Company would be more than welcomed.

In closing, just let me say thank you to those who support and follow Andiamo. I truly appreciate your positive comments and constructive suggestions. Hopefully those will continue as we move forward and execute our plan into 2019 and beyond. Your voices are heard, and your suggestions are considered, especially those which are presented in a positive and helpful way. I am looking forward to a great and successful 2019, and with everyone’s help and support I know it will be.

Thank you,
Bill White
Chairman and CEO
Andiamo Corp



Andiamo Corporation, a Wyoming domiciled publicly traded company, is a dedicated partnership of multi-talented people striving to utilize the micro-cap world in the proper manner, with the goal of ensuring that smaller companies in need of financing and direction have these resources available to them. We believe it is our duty to act responsibly and honestly to help ensure the success of our country’s greatest source of stability and job growth – the small business owner. In a realigning of our corporate focus and mission, we have transitioned from a one product company into a true source of developmental resources for other companies spread across a diverse range of industries. This rebranding of our culture and direction has enabled us to expand our role as a holding company, resulting in a marked increase in new business opportunities. Specifically, we look for established companies with recurring revenues who need a capital infusion to move their business to the next level of profitability. With our additional resources and contacts, Andiamo now offers an end-to-end solution to ensure the success of our clients inside the micro-cap funding community, getting them the funding, they need to bring their products to a national level with the aim of improving their bottom line. You can follow us on Twitter @AndiamoCorp .

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