Jan 10 Update

Morning all!

As expected, we had a lot of great queries come in. Thanks for your positive input. It is greatly appreciated.

First one we will answer is the one concerning Melanie and her role with Utopya.  After a lengthy conversation with Ian Brewster, CEO of Utopya, the role she is playing with the Company is that of an “advisory CCO’, meaning that while she isn’t an employee of Utopya, she is working with them on several different deals where her contacts and skill set are a very valuable asset. As this relationship, and any potential new business it may generate move forward, we will make sure to update everyone.

We are working on an update from SWS, which will post something either later today or tomorrow.

Also, will have an update for everyone on the status of the shares coming off of restriction. There have been quite a few different numbers being thrown around by people as to the amount that is coming off of restriction. We are just waiting on a couple of confirmations before posting something here about this. We will post that either later today or first thing tomorrow morning.

Work on the website is winding down and we will have it launched by Monday the 14th for sure. The ANDI Team is just finalizing a few things related to our current Projects plus a few other items. Very excited about its launch and know it will be a good source of information for everyone.