Get the Facts

Afternoon all!

We want you to check out our Get the Facts page on our new website. With the new social media presence and the more open and communicative stance Andiamo has taken with the public, the vast majority of our followers are positive and focused on the truth, even as some individuals and websites spend more time spreading negativity and falsehoods for personal gain. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day for the Company to watch every blog and investment forum in order to effectively battle lies and misinformation.

That said, it is something we want to address whenever possible, so what we have done is create the Get the Facts page on the Andiamo Website, where our shareholders can inform the Company directly of these deceptions and slanderous content, and also find out about the right places to get reliable and truthful information about Andiamo. Several of you have already used this page and told us of many things going on, and that is greatly appreciated. Please keep those constructive emails coming!

As to an update on SWS, while hard work is still going on to move things forward, we still don’t have anything definitive to tell you. Hopefully we will have something definitive in the next few days.

On the phone front, we are working with Jason over at Utopya, and will be finalizing which phone(s) we will be carrying and selling on a wholesale basis very soon. We will definitely have the one(s) we choose up on the website by the 31st as promised, and if all goes smoothly maybe even a little before that.

We will also be announcing, sometime next week, a new and broadened approach on how Andiamo will go to market with the hardware we choose. We are fleshing out the final details now of how it will work and what partners we will be working with and will fill everyone in as we have more details. We think people will be excited about this enhanced market approach and the opportunities it will bring to the Company and its targeted markets.