Is ANDI for sale?

Please let me begin by unequivocally saying, Andiamo is not for sale. While at one time this may have been true, I will clearly say it again:


What I am looking for is an investment partner who is willing to help the Company with funding and shoring up our debt structure, and for that I am willing to offer up PART of Andiamo but not all of it. Hopefully recent discussions will bring us just such a partner, but even if it doesn’t, I have no intention of selling Andiamo any time soon.

Also, we will be putting out a pre-market opening press release next Tuesday, January 22nd, with some exciting news which should further squelch any fears anyone has of Andiamo being for sale.

Have a great weekend and thank you for your continued support!

William White
Chairman and CEO
Andiamo Corporation