Andiamo Phone Update

Afternoon All!

We just wanted to update everyone on the phones and where they stand.

We have chosen three phones from Utopya and our IT people are working hard at getting those up on the website as promised by the 31st. The Company is definitely excited about this offering and the ability it gives ANDI Mobile to sell into the wholesale market, finally delivering phones we can market to potential quantity buying clients. Once this page is launched on the website, it will have its own unique contact email where wholesale buyers can reach out to ANDI Mobile for more information and pricing.

On the subject of ANDI Mobile, it seems some of you are confused about exactly what ANDI Mobile is. To clarify things, it is exactly what the PR from this past Tuesday, January 22nd, and website say it is:

” ANDI Mobile is the all-encompassing telecommunications division of Andiamo which             will offer hardware, apps, accessories and most importantly, nationwide cellular service.”

We thought it was very clear but wanted to make sure everyone understood just how important this division is to Andiamo. ANDI Mobile is a new division of Andiamo Corporation which will handle all things related to the cell phone business part of the Company. It will sell and market hardware such as cellphones from Utopya. It will also, at some point, sell cellphone accessories and apps. And ANDI Mobile will also sell, what we feel is the most important aspect of the division because it gives the Company recurring residual revenues, Nationwide Cellular Service.

Have a great weekend and thank you for your continued support!