ANDI Mobile Phone Update for February 4, 2019

Afternoon All!

There is a lot of excitement about the new ANDI Mobile cellphones, and as you can imagine we got a few questions on them. We wanted to answer several of these questions and update everyone on the new cellphones and how they relate to what Andiamo’s subsidiary, Utopya, is doing these days.

One question we got repeatedly was “How come Utopya doesn’t list these phones on their website?” Simply put, Utopya has been working on a number of business and product related projects in the background which we’re not authorized to discuss. However, because of Andiamo’s  unique relationship with Utopya, ANDI Mobile has premier access to their sourcing networks. The three cellphones we launched with were chosen specifically for ANDI Mobile and will be among a wider array of devices and products eventually offered by Utopya, and as they continue to develop their business, Utopya will market their products and services accordingly.

With respect to the Odyssey, it is a device offered by Utopya, however, after discussing this with them, it is our understanding this particular device is nearing the end of its mass production life-cycle. To stay ahead of this, Utopya has been working on new devices, with three of those being the cellphones ANDI Mobile recently launched.

As to the different roles certain people in both organizations are playing as related to our businesses, Andiamo and Utopya are separate organizations, and due to the nature of our business there are certain internal workings we won’t discuss. Further, while we have discussed certain people’s connections to Utopya, they do not comment on such internal inquiries and, with both Andiamo and ANDI Mobile being tied to Utopya, we are bound to respect their position and hold ourselves to the same standard.

Thanks again for your continued support!