ANDI Mobile Cellphone Questions Answered

Hello All!

Just wanted to say thank you for all your great support on the launching of ANDI Mobile. We received a ton of similar questions from a number of you and thought the best way to answer so everybody could read them was to do it through our Andiamo Corporate Blog. So here you go!

1. Where can I buy an ANDI Mobile phone?

Right now, you can’t buy just one phone. The phones listed on the ANDI Mobile page are offered on a wholesale basis and therefore must be purchased in large quantities. As we get these cellphones out to market, we will hold a small amount of inventory for direct, single unit sales via our website. We do, however, realize everyone is looking for and is most excited about buying their very own ANDI Mobile cellphone. To that end, we are working diligently, through Utopya and other sources, to find good quality cellphones which we can acquire in smaller quantities at a fair price. Once we do this, we will brand them for ANDI Mobile and offer them for sale on our website.

2. Why are there a lot of phones which look like ours and even have the same pictures?

Any and all information, pictures and specifications the cellphones ANDI Mobile has posted came directly from Utopya, who in turn works directly with the manufacturers of our phones. If there are other places the base phones for these models are available, it makes sense since the manufacturers sell to many wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

3. Why would someone buy an ANDI Mobile phone or distribute it over other brands?

We feel people will want to buy and distribute ANDI Mobile cellphones and other products, because we will always strive to offer fair prices, quality products and top-notch service. ANDI Mobile is working towards being a full-service telecommunication solutions center. This means not only will we offer cellphones but other products like nationwide cellular service, exclusive ringtones, vanity phones, and accessories such as custom cases and possibly even blue tooth connected devices. Our plan at ANDI Mobile is to give the consumer a place they can confidently go to for all their cellphone needs. Remember, the ANDI Mobile division of Andiamo was just launched last month. We are moving forward as fast as we can, but true growth in a real company takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. Rest assured we will get there in due time, and we will do it the proper and ethical way.

4. Why don’t the phones say “Utopya” on them?

The reason ANDI Mobile cellphones don’t, and won’t, say Utopya on them is because they were being sourced by Utopya for us with the idea they would be branded as ANDI Mobile products. As Utopya develops phones for single unit sales, our plan is to offer those phones on the ANDI Mobile website as well. For now, though, we are only selling ANDI Mobile branded cellphones.

5. Are we related to the Andi Mobile in India?

No, we are not affiliated with Andi Mobile in India. The names are simply a happy coincidence and the two entities are not related in any way. Not to say we wouldn’t some day love to have offices in India and other international locations, we just aren’t there….yet. 😊


One other item we would like to address is the large amount of misinformation out there about Andiamo, Utopya and ANDI Mobile. While there are some great forums and investor boards, we would love to hangout at, we are also aware of some which are just hubs for falsehoods and ugliness. We have been told of one where the company information section actually lists our ticker symbol as UTOP instead of the correct one, ANDI. Because of these unfortunate circumstances, we specifically developed the GET THE FACTS section of our website. There you can contact us directly with any misinformation you find, and we will address it either through the Andiamo Corporate Website or this blog. Several of you have notified us through this portal and we appreciate it immensely. Just know one thing – If you want the correct and true information about Andiamo, please go to our website, any of our press releases or this blog. These are the best places to get any information or have your questions answered.

Thanks for all your continued support. And remember Andiamo in Italian means “LET’S GO!”