Andiamo General Update

Afternoon All!

There have been many questions emailed in and so we thought it best to try to answer them  here.

Last November, when I came back to Andiamo as the CEO, the corporate focus and mission transitioned back from being a one product company into a source of developmental resources for other companies spread across a diverse range of industries. This return to our original culture and direction has enabled us to expand our role as a holding company, resulting in an increase in new business opportunities. Simply put, Andiamo is not just a “phone” company like it was for a short time. Here is a list of our current projects and where they stand at this moment:

– ANDI Mobile was launched with the mindset of finally bringing cellphones to market for both wholesale and retail customers. We currently offer the three phones from Utopya for wholesale sales and are working through them and other sources for retail products. We will be looking to supplement the phones from Utopya with other brands and price point offerings. We are also working closely with a company in order to become an affiliate company for selling nationwide cellular service, and while our hopes were this would be completed already, we feel it will come to fruition soon. Once that is in place, which is where I still firmly believe the real profits are in the telecom industry, ANDI Mobile should be able to secure a couple of low margin smartphones which don’t require us to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars in order to secure inventory.

– Our recent LOI with AC Partners is moving along well and we should have a final agreement in place soon. We are especially excited about this opportunity because it will bring immediate revenue and what should be exceptional growth as well. This is a unique relationship we are forging, and in the coming weeks we will be revealing how this relationship will help Andiamo and its shareholders in other ways beyond just day-to-day business.

– The funding and up listing of Sustainable Water Solutions is moving along well. And as part of SWS’s exit from Andiamo in order to secure their required funding, they will be leaving 1,500,000 shares behind. From this we will dividend out the majority of these shares to our Common shareholders, and we are exploring using a ratio of 1 share of SWS for every 5,000 shares of ANDI, which is roughly 1,000,000 shares of SWS. The balance of the shares will remain in Andiamo’s treasury as an asset. Exact terms and a date will be released as details of this dividend are finalized.

– A little clarification on the “reported” name change for our subsidiary, Utopya Innovations Corp. Simply put, Utopya Innovations Corp has not changed its name. The name change some people have referred to was for another company they are working with. And as to the question of why they are opening other companies, after speaking to the Utopya’s CEO, it is being done in order to facilitate dealings they have going on overseas, which may require a different name in order to promote different products in different regions and to create a distinct line between divisions internationally. This is a typical business alignment which gives them another level of security and legal protection.

We have received numerous emails asking for clarification regarding the company. There is nothing we can do if stock boards decide to keep up misinformation which is incorrect and confuses the public. We have tried to have incorrect and erroneous information removed but have been ignored at every query. We continue to encourage people to go to our website,, and if you don’t see information there then it most likely is not true. One thing you can bank on is now that the improper name change with Wyoming has been corrected, Andiamo will not be doing a name and symbol change.

Our continued goal is to find companies which bring value to Andiamo’s bottom line and its shareholders. We are striving to expand our business and feel a diversified portfolio of companies is the best way to achieve this objective.

Thanks for your continued support!