Andiamo Projects Update

Afternoon All!

Wanted to give everyone a quick update on all things Andiamo:

– ANDI Mobile is still working to find a phone it can sell one at a time, as well as nationwide cellular service.

– As most everyone knows from our most recent press release, ANDI executed its Joint Venture agreement with AC Partners, Inc., and now has revenue to add to its next quarterly report. We are very happy with and excited about this opportunity. Our next goal will be to grow the JV quickly via acquisitions, and after speaking to management at ACPS, we know they have met with a very promising acquisition target and would hope to have an update soon. This agreement supports our continued goal of finding companies which bring value to Andiamo’s bottom line and its shareholders.

– On the Sustainable Water Solutions front, we have several good pieces to report. First thing is they are continuing their audit, and they are progressing forward quite well. Second, they have engaged an attorney and are evaluating a Form 10 filing, which would get the company trading quickly, while also working on the S1 for their listing on a major exchange. Third, concerning the acquisition they had targeted for the end of March, it is still going through but is going a little slower than they had hoped. And last but not least, we have come to terms with SWS on how many shares we will dividend to the ANDI shareholders. Look for a press release early next week announcing the record date and the ratio of ownership.


Thanks for your continued support!