The ANDI Mobile AM-1000 has arrived

Afternoon All!

Well, the wait is finally over. Its official.


To view the phone and its specs, visit the ANDI Mobile Phone page of our website by clicking on this link:

A couple of notes on the phone:

We will be receiving the smartphones in unmarked white boxes. This is so we can brand them with ANDI Mobile logos and information and sell them one at a time on our website or through approved affiliate partners. It will also allow us to private label the phones for other companies, brands and even do vanity phones for celebrities at much lower order volumes than traditional private labels and branding would require. Having many years of experience in developing brands, private labels, and their corresponding packaging in our background, we know typically a customer would have to order a few thousand, and in some cases more than 10,000 phones in order to get their brand on them. In the case of ANDI Mobile, we will be able to do that, with this phone, for as little as 100 units, and in some special cases less than that. We could even, should someone be willing to pay a premium for the phone, brand the box and back of the phone for a special occasion or event like a graduation, birthday, wedding, or whatever the customer may desire. It gives us the freedom to customize, and as we expand the line of phones we offer, we can use the same box and cost effectively grow the brand and line.

The phone is currently not FCC Certified under our name. It is however completely compliant with FCC standards because our manufacturing partners have sold phones in the US before and gained these certifications under other brands. Unfortunately, since those certifications were brand specific, we can’t use or “piggyback” off of them. No problem though. We are working towards finding the right FCC Certified Testing Lab , and once we do, we will submit our products for testing and garner the proper certification needed for regulatory compliance and begin selling the phone in our upcoming ANDI Mobile Store.

It is a 4G Smartphone, will come unlocked and can be used on any GSM network which accepts them. The bigger companies using GSM technology are T-Mobile and AT&T, but the phone will work with other service providers such as Straight Talk, Cricket and Boost to name a few. Naturally the phones will work with the FUBU Mobile service network as well, for which ANDI Mobile is a Registered Dealer.

Thanks again for your patience as we worked through the process of finding a cost effective and high-quality Smartphone we could sell to the consumer one at a time. We at ANDI Mobile think it was worth the wait.

Thanks again for your continued support!