ANDI Mobile Update

Afternoon All!

As you can imagine, the excitement for the new ANDI Mobile Smartphone, the AM-1000, is growing, but also bringing up a couple of questions. The main question we are getting is:

What is happening with the three phones we launched in January?

As anyone who has been following ANDI Mobile during its 5 months of existence is aware, those original three phones were sourced through Utopya, and were only available as a wholesale product for a customer willing to make large quantity purchases. One model could be purchased in orders of 1,000 units at a time and the other two had to be purchased in quantities of 2,500 or more in order to receive a good price which made reselling them a profitable and viable business model. People involved in the smartphone hardware market will tell you that is a very tough road and is truly a hit or miss scenario. But it was a start for ANDI Mobile and gave us at least an opportunity for revenues while we found a smartphone we could sell in a retail or one-at-a-time manner.
Now with the advent of the AM-1000 which we can purchase in much smaller quantities and brand how we please for both ANDI Mobile as well as other smaller customers, effectively giving us both a retail and wholesale product in the same phone, the question becomes:

Does it make sense to still offer the original three phones?

To us it is a very simple answer from a business perspective, and that answer is simply, no it does not. And why is that? There are a number of reasons.

1. We will be receiving the smartphones in unmarked white boxes. This is true whether we buy 100, 1,000 or 100,000. What happens is as we buy more, we get better pricing. So, while our focus will be to market the AM-1000 as a retail ANDI Mobile product, it can also be sold in larger quantities as a wholesale product. The packaging from the manufacturer is clean, sleek and professional looking and gives us the ability to brand the phone to a customer’s exact specifications in both large and small quantities.
2. We are working directly with the manufacturer. This is a 110% ANDI Mobile project and is not reliant on a “middleman”. This gives us better pricing, greater flexibility and the ability to make changes and marketing adjustments very quickly.
3. Our manufacturing partner produces a number of different phones with different price points and styles. This is a great advantage which we didn’t have with the original three phones. We were basically stuck with limited flexibility and had to rely on a secondary source in order to get the phones. Now we have the ability to expand our line at will and tailor our sales and marketing strategy toward a specific customer and their needs.
4. As smartphone technology moves forward and improves, ANDI Mobile will be able to do the same. With our new smartphone, and any possible succeeding generations, we will be able to keep up with the market and the ever evolving technology advances, without the downside of having to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory in the hopes we can sell it before it becomes obsolete in the next few months.

In summary, we will no longer be offering the original three phones, and instead will focus on the ANDI Mobile AM-1000, confident it, and the manufacturer behind it, can fulfill our needs from both a retail and wholesale business model. We feel this is the best course of action business wise and look towards the AM-1000 to help launch the retail side of the of ANDI Mobile, making the brand a strong and sustainable player in the telecommunications market.

Thanks again for your continued support!