Management Update

Afternoon All!

I wanted to let everyone know that I am resigning from all positions with Andiamo and there will be new management coming in.

As everyone knows, I came back to Andiamo in order to repair the damage done by past management by getting the books in order and keeping the company current with OTC Markets. Over the last several months I have done that and will be leaving the public company world in order to return to my private company endeavors and businesses and will be working with several small companies helping them grow their revenues and product exposure. I will be working with the new management and will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible during the transition period.

While this may come as a surprise to some, it is a move I definitely expected to make when the time was right. I have grown tired of the public company rat race and need to return to the businesses and tasks I am happiest with and best suited for. Having accomplished what I set out to when I came back to Andiamo, and having the good fortune of finding what I feel is the right business and the right person to take the company to the next level, I know it is the right move for myself and my family, and for Andiamo and its shareholders as well.

I have known the incoming CEO for a couple of years and watched him help take a failing venture and turn it into a profitable company during that time. He is a seasoned businessman and investor, with contacts and distribution both domestically and internationally. He will be bringing an exciting new product to Andiamo and I am confident he will make quick work of improving the company’s revenues and bottom line. He and his team will be assessing all of the current subsidiaries and divisions within Andiamo, and decisions on how to move forward with each of them will be made in the near future.

A press release introducing new management to the public and Andiamo’s shareholders will be forthcoming within the next day or two.

Thank you to everyone who supported Andiamo and myself during these past few months. Hopefully you will continue to support new management and their products going forward.