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Management Update

Afternoon All! I wanted to let everyone know that I am resigning from all positions with Andiamo and there will be new management coming in. As everyone knows, I came back to Andiamo in order to repair the damage done by past management by getting the books in order and keeping the company current with … Continue reading Management Update

ANDI Mobile Update

Afternoon All! As you can imagine, the excitement for the new ANDI Mobile Smartphone, the AM-1000, is growing, but also bringing up a couple of questions. The main question we are getting is: What is happening with the three phones we launched in January? As anyone who has been following ANDI Mobile during its 5 … Continue reading ANDI Mobile Update

Andiamo Update

Morning All! Wanted to give everyone a quick update on a few things Andiamo: - We just posted our 3rd Quarter Financial and Disclosure Statements on OTC Markets, and while they aren’t where we would like the numbers to be quite yet, they are moving in the right direction. First bright spot is, we greatly … Continue reading Andiamo Update