Get the Facts

Afternoon all! We want you to check out our Get the Facts page on our new website. With the new social media presence and the more open and communicative stance Andiamo has taken with the public, the vast majority of our followers are positive and focused on the truth, even as some individuals and websites … Continue reading Get the Facts

SWS Update

Afternoon all! On our Sustainable Water Solutions Inc (SWS) update, we are awaiting final confirmation on a couple of items from their CEO, Don Keer, and hope to have great news for you soon. I know we are a little behind on things with SWS, but please rest assured they are working diligently behind the … Continue reading SWS Update

Restricted Shares

Hello All! Just wanted to follow up on the restricted shares that are becoming free trading. There have been a lot of numbers thrown around, with one person saying there are over 1.3 Billion shares coming off restriction between now and March 1st. This is an overly inflated number. The actual number is only 325,000,000, … Continue reading Restricted Shares